Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Geeeez its been a while

Alright guys been a long period of inactivity on my blog, kinda in relevance with how much poker i've been playing really. Had the odd play around on Stars and SkyPoker winning a couple of hundo on the cash tables on the later (playing in ££ just seems so much better).

The reasoning behind the post is that i used to play loads of Rush back on FTP and now Stars has released Zoom i'm back to give it bash. Being the action Junkie i am i just love the continuous action that comes with these games. + playing the micro Omaha tables is just heaven as people really do just seem to be there to throw money at you (in the FTP days it seemed).

Anyways just played the first session on the Stars version, it seems just as juicy people playing AAxx no suit like its the dogs danglys, stacking off with bottom 2 on a flush board etc etc seems to be a good opportunity for anyone with decent (ish) understanding of Lolmaha to make some coinage so thats my goal.

Session 1

Hands = 764
Profit/Loss = +$21.37
FPPs = 48.13

so just over 2 buyins up as i'm playing $0.05/0.10, and a relatively short session to get back into the flow. Good start fingers crossed i continue.

On to life matters .....

Currently working sill 12-9 shifts in a warehouse 2 20 minute breaks a day + its just depressing especially with the weather being as it is at the minute, But with the country being as it is and work being hard to come by i guess i should just be thankful i have a job to go to.

Not much else happening really, ready for the cricket season to start (although rota at work dictates as + when i can play).

For now bonjour, Hope everyones well

Friday, 15 October 2010

MTT Score

Been playing a few MTTs recently staked by NoCash on RTR, During the last session of games (ran 6) i had this very nice score (See Above)

Overall the stake made me and NoCash a shade under $400 each. A very good return IMO

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Stake Paused

Me and my staker have together decided to suspend my stake for the next 3 weeks, I just haven't had the time to put in the volume we'd both of liked so from now until 3 weeks time(the end of the cricket season) the stake is suspended.

When the stake restarts it'll be much better for me because i'll finally be able to play weekends and most week nights, At the mo Its cricket training Tue,Wed,Thur nights and then matches Sat,Sun All Day and what with playing Darts on Monday nights and enjoying a few beverages Fri,Sat,Sun nights i've just not had the time to grind. So giving it the break until i'm in a position to play a fair amount of games is probably a good decision for both of us.

During the next 3 weeks you may see me playing the odd Mtt here and the odd SNG here when i've got some free time but that will be off my own back and not very often.

Anyways will update when we resume the stake, Until then Ciao.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Just The Latest Numbers

Not played that much since last update so just gonna post beofre i start playing tonight, Am gonna aim to get rest of the 200 games in within the next 10 days.

Played : 89
KO's : 89
BI : $293.70
Ret : $410.99
+/- : +$117.29

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Delayed Update

Sorry i haven't updated for a while guys, Have just got a new job and have been having to sort that out so haven't played as much as i'd of liked. Anyway still made a profit in the games i've played and thats always good.

So the numbers for my 2nd Set so far :

Played = 55
KO's = 65
BI = $181.50
Rets = $209.62
+/- = +$28.12

As for the job i started it on Monday, Its only a small company that makes Concrete items(Slabs etc) and Sheds, Fencepanels. Up to now am really liking it, All the staff are friendly and i've een given flexible hours so i can get my time in as and when i want.

GL all


Thursday, 22 July 2010

First Set for Stake Finished

I've just finished up my first 200 game stake, Finished with some very nice numbers :

$3.30 90 Mans

Played - 190
KO's - 209.5
Buy In's - $627
Returns - $931.63
Prof/Loss - +$304.63

Aside from these i played 10 MTTs as part of the stake, Sadly failed to cash, The buyins from these MTTs totalled $80.40 making my total profit from the first part of the stake $224.23.

Have spoken to my staker, we are going to run the exact same stake again, If i can keep up the results we'll move up after this set.

Signing off

A Happy Greg :D

EDIT - Also comments on the new blog set up ??

Saturday, 17 July 2010

New Update

Just a simple update on numbers from the stake for now. I'll do another update at 200 Games.

Played - 132
Buy Ins - $435.60
Returns - $616.50
P/L - +$180.90

Doing very well in these and keeping a steady profit moving.

Also played a total of 7 MTT's in the stake now, still haven't cashed 1 :/ Bubbled 2 by trying to build a stack to challenge for the win rather than limp into a min cash.

Buy In's for MTT's - $61.60

So Total Profits - $119.30