Sunday, 29 November 2009

New Pic for all the haters of the Sunglasses !

Pretty much as my title says, Shot through photos of me on Facebook and found a better one.

O Yeah FK the haters :p


(Right hand side under pic of me)

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

WEEEEE I Love turning FTP's into cash !

Well i been runing bad on FTP last couple of days. So today i decided to enter a 1.8kFTP tourney (9 Man SnG with top 3 getting $24+2 Tokens). I Ship that and then use the Token to buy into this SnG :

Add to the $351 another $40 for 10 KO's and i've made myself a tidy little profit for points which i would usually buy another hat or shirt with to go with the ones i have ! So am very happy :D

Thursday, 19 November 2009

New update on the staking deal + The cheating Frogs

After the success in the $2.25 and $6.50 27 Mans, My Staker BurnleyMik decided we should have a blast at the $12's . Yesterday i finished the first set of these and the results were as follows :

Buyins : $300
Returns : $409.86
Profits : $109.86

With this being my first go at the $12's i'm very happy with the results. The last 8 games in this set of 25 i ran real bad, all the profits had come in the first 17 games so thats a little disappointing but hey profits are profits and thats why we play poker.

Right after watching the French (Namely Thierry Henry) Rob the Irish last night it got me thinking. Well i ain't gonna say i'm a big fan of the Irish because i'd be fibbing. But anyone who follows English football will know Michel Platini(President of FIFA) hates us. Mainly because our Big 4(Man.U, Arsenal, Chelsea, *cough**cough*(not for long) Liverpool) have got money to spend to make their squads bigger and better by buying quality players from around the globe, But the club sides in his native France just haven't got the money to do it and are therefore being left behind when it comes to the big European competions.

Anyway my thoughts on the matter are as follows, Platini will do Jack Shit about peoples complaints and so on about the Gallas *goal*(Oh he was offside earlier in the move aswell FWIW) but had it of been the opposite way around i.e anyone doing it against the French there would of been uproar and FIFA would be ready for a massive shake up. But now this will most probably be swept under the table and forgotten about. Which i don't think is fair but is there anything we can do about it ... No. Platini will be sat eating Frogs legs, Pissing himself at the fact his country have cheated their way through to the World Cup.

Anyway Rant Over, I'm outta here.