Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Phenom Returns

Yes finally Isildur1 is back and boy is he causing a stir again. He's widely rumoured to be Viktor Blom from Sweden, With this play : it's very believeable that this Blom character is indeed Isildur.

Since he returned to the Full Tilt virtual Felt on the 3rd of February Isildur has risen through the stakes exactly as he did on his last run. His first session of note on the comback trail was a mammoth 7700 hand session at $25/$50 NLH vs KOSTYA_Spb in which Isi lost $25k. The following day the two of them were back at it with 1702 hands being played and Isildur crushing KOSTYA for $69k in the session.

In the couple of days that followed Isildur1 lost $160k at various Stakes/Games against various players. Then between 8th February and 12th of February Isildur wasn't seen online and the talk was that he bust his account again.

Then on the 13th Feb He returned again. His first session back was a 1011 hand session vs URnotINdanger2 at $50/$100 NLH in which Isi lost $30k. The 2 then upped the stakes and they played 525 hands at $100/$200 NLH in Which Isildur won $45.5k.

Feb 14th and Isildur sits in on 4 of the $200/$400 CAP PLO 6-Max game's that are running. The players at these games included Urindanger, Gus Hansen, POKERBLUFFS, PostFlopAction and David Benefield just to name a few. Isildur posted 276 hands in a 2 hour period at these tables raking in a $82.5k profit.

15th Feb 2010 is the day Isildur1 was officially back with the Big Guns. He started the day again at the CAP PLO ring-game, he played 2 sessions in the morning tabling 1456 Hands and making a very healthy profit of $238.5k. Then in the evening he had 2 monster head's up NLH games. First of all he played 2102 hands at the $100/$200 stakes with Issac"LuvtheWNBA"Haxton. Early in the session Isildur was over $100k up but ended the session $90k down to Haxton.

15 Minutes Later Isildur sat down at the $200/$400 tables with Justin"ZeeJustin"Bonomo. This session lasted 1944 Hands and Isildur crushed ZeeJustin for a mammoth profit of $567k. Later on that night Isil once again sat in at the CAP PLO and came out 153 hands later $64k richer.
A huge day in which Isildur made $780k.

Isildur was at the Highstakes tables once again yesterday. Making $75k at the CAP PLO tables. He then had a 448 hand session at $100/$200 Head's Up PLO vs the Finnish sensation Ziigmund. Isildur came out of this battle $49k to the good. They then upped the stakes to $200/$400 where Isildur took $117k off Ziggy in 625 hands, While reportedly busting Ziigmunds Full Tilt roll. In the afternoon Isildur sat down at the $300/$600 6-Max PLO tables. Although the majority of the time at these tables Isil was just Heads Up with fellow superstar Tom"Durrrr"Dwan. Isil played 635 hands over the 3 tables he was on and once again made a tidy profit amounting to $232k.

Then Yesterday Night Isildur sat down with nemesis Brian"Stinger"Hastings. Who took $4m off Isildur in one session at the end of Isildurs last run. Hastings has since admitted that he had a database of hands played by Isildur which he and fellow Cardrunners members shared with each other and discussed. Brian Townsend lost his Red Pro status on Full Tilt for 1 month in the aftermath of this previous meeting.

This time though it would be Isildur who left the tables Victorious. The 2 Racked up 926 Hands at the $300/$600 PLO tables in the end Isildur left with a monster profit to the tune of $505k, Isildur still has a fair way to go to regain what he lost but boy has he made a splash and the big boys now know he's back and means business.

Am personally hoping this is the start of things and that Isildur1 is going to go on a massive run and play some long sessions with Durrrr, Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonious aswell as the cardrunners guys.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Really enjoyed participating in the WBCOOP. Everyone seemed to be friendly at the tables and were enjoying themselves while playing some good poker.

Throughout the series i was hanging around on Daleroxxu's Blog : chating on there, watching the live stream, listening to some music.

Played every event except the Main Event(I reg'ed but ended up blinding out) The large session in the pub Sunday put to bed the chance of me playing this, As i stumbled in at 1am monday morning loaded up Stars and sadly i was gone.

Gained 2 $11 SCOOP tickets and had some fun. So thanks Pokerstars for a nice little series.