Thursday, 26 August 2010

Stake Paused

Me and my staker have together decided to suspend my stake for the next 3 weeks, I just haven't had the time to put in the volume we'd both of liked so from now until 3 weeks time(the end of the cricket season) the stake is suspended.

When the stake restarts it'll be much better for me because i'll finally be able to play weekends and most week nights, At the mo Its cricket training Tue,Wed,Thur nights and then matches Sat,Sun All Day and what with playing Darts on Monday nights and enjoying a few beverages Fri,Sat,Sun nights i've just not had the time to grind. So giving it the break until i'm in a position to play a fair amount of games is probably a good decision for both of us.

During the next 3 weeks you may see me playing the odd Mtt here and the odd SNG here when i've got some free time but that will be off my own back and not very often.

Anyways will update when we resume the stake, Until then Ciao.


  1. Good of you to pause the staking deal mate, plenty of people will have just carried on regardless and spunked the cash away willy nilly

  2. Who do you play cricket for Greg?

  3. Whitwell in Division 1 on Saturdays, For a newly started Creswell team in Div 7 on sundays. Difference in standard is just LOL, i'm more of a bowler than batsman, Winning the bowling averages for both teams infact. But I'm leading the league batting averages on Sundays too which is just lol cos i'm not a batsman.

    Used to play for Notts at u-17 level but then i started liking my Ale too much and things just dropped from there. But div 1 ain't too bad a standard tbf Kinda like the conference in Footy terms.

    , Yea Yorky i know quite a few that would of done that too, Didn't think it was fair so i had a chat, we worked it all out and are both happy with it.