Thursday, 22 July 2010

First Set for Stake Finished

I've just finished up my first 200 game stake, Finished with some very nice numbers :

$3.30 90 Mans

Played - 190
KO's - 209.5
Buy In's - $627
Returns - $931.63
Prof/Loss - +$304.63

Aside from these i played 10 MTTs as part of the stake, Sadly failed to cash, The buyins from these MTTs totalled $80.40 making my total profit from the first part of the stake $224.23.

Have spoken to my staker, we are going to run the exact same stake again, If i can keep up the results we'll move up after this set.

Signing off

A Happy Greg :D

EDIT - Also comments on the new blog set up ??


  1. New blog set up rocks imo. Although I'm now finding your content of lesser importance given the distraction in the top right :)

    Congrats on the results. I was hoping you could share the following please. These games pay final 9 correct? Are you able to tell me how many 1st's, 2nd's to 9th's?

    Thanks and congrats again

  2. Yes Custo top 9 get Paid, Unsure on exact numbers but i know i won 4 and got 2 2nds. 3rd to 9th i'm not sure of. I've got it written down somewhere, Will try and find it for you.



  3. Nice results Greg :)

    Nice tits Kelly :)

  4. WP mate, I'll be seeing you at these a lot during August, going to try play at least 500 between the hours of 1900-0100.

    Will probably want to kill myself 150 games in!