Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Stopped The 6 Max already !

Right well after 3 days of playing the 6 max i realised playing cash without a HUD was a totally different ball game to playing SnGs without one. So after jamming in 7k hands i 3 days i decided to stop. After christmas i'll have my new setup sorted and will get either HEM or PT3 back(used to have PT3 on my old Desktop till it died), since i've been on the lappy and haven't had either.

So once christmas has come and gone, I'll set myself a target again, With PT3 i'll have a much bigger edge. Over the 7k hands i was about $15 up. But didn't think i was playing as well as i could, missing out on some spots.

On the Staking front on the 27 mans i've hit a bit of a downswing, I'm not too disheartened though as i know its all part and parcel in the game of poker. And i'm confident i'll come out the other side soon and start running good.

For now. Goodbye.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Dabbling at 6-Max Cash

Ok so i have decided my goal for December is to start becoming more competant at Cash Games. In the past i have dabbled here and there playing a few K hands but nothing like properly grinding for weeks on end etc.

At the end of every week(maybe 2) i'll be posting up on here as to how many hands i've played and my Profits/Losses. Maybe gonna set myself a target of around 40k hands for the month or somewhere near that figure.

To start with i'll be playing 10NL. I'm a little overolled for this but as i'm just gonna start taking cash games seriously and getting into them i feel this will be the best place to start, Then i can move up as and when i feel ready.

PTR has me down $123 in just over 10k hands. I ain't gonna read into this too much as when i first started online i used to just play cash with whatever i deposited and have no hold on BRM. But now i feel with proper BRM skills and having proper concentration i should be able to make a nice little profit from cash games.

Also since my last proper post i haven't played many SnG's from the staking deal just haven't had time really, But will be firing a few up tonight and be getting back into the flow of things.

For Now

Au Revoir.