Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Crazy Heads Up Live

At AOC a couple of weeks ago we played Omaha for the first time, i went out pretty early in the game with The Nut Flush draw and OESD vs Top Set which filled up on the turn so GG there. Anyways i got into a heads up side game. We had huge stacks of around 250BB's to start with but we were playing 3 variants (changing every hand). The Variants were NL Hold EM, NL Omaha (:o) and NL Razz (Crazy Crazy Shit playing this NL) and the blinds were going up on every 4th hand. Needless to say it didn't last long, suprisingly it all ended on a Hold Em hand. Anyways enough rambling on.

Online poker has been goin ok since i chopped the MTT, I've played around 44k hands of 0.05c/0.10c Rush PLO for around $30 profit but i've also started getting Rakeback on there so it's a very nice amount i've actually made. The swings in this game are crazy but theres enough players who don't really know basic PLO strategy to make the games juicy.

Over on PokerStars the SCOOP series is starting very soon (2nd May) I've got a couple of $11 tokens which i earned in the blogger tournaments and will use to play a SCOOP Poker Tournament

Anyways thats it for now so Good luck on the felt.


  1. Were you pissed up at the Rose and Crown? Always adds to the excitement 250bb deep and mullered lol

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