Thursday, 4 March 2010

Questioning a SNG Situation

Ok the situation is thus. Your playing a HU Sng vs some unkonown player who shoves every hand. You Raise xbb he shoves, When he is in the SB he Openshoves. The problem we face here is what range of hands to get it in with. Do we go by equity or do we wait for hands like A9+ , 66+ and KQ etc. Played a super turbo kinda thing on Party, This situation arose.

The problem had me thinking and still does to a degree, Is this kind of play exploitable from the off or do you need expand your ranges based on stacks (hence every BB you drop, so 1 in BB, 0.5 in SB).

Ended up calling with KQs vs 84o, Won the flip (pretty early on so just picked off the last couple of BB's, I'd like peoples thoughts on this please. How you'd go about it etc.

Problems like this arise in different areas of differents variants, Forms of the game which is why playing poker is clearly a game of skill.


  1. If you know he's going to shove every hand - I guess if you play just the 90% of hands you have an edge.
    I wouldn't know the optimum play here - but I think I'd shove or call with the top 25% of hands here (wait till I get one) - and widen my range slowly if I start getting too behind.

  2. Greg, $40 shipped and ive linked up your blog


  3. Linked You Up too, Reg'd the Events.

    , Cloud its still got me confuzzled. Its the ranges that i'm trying to work out, Faced another one of these Yday, I ended up calling with KK whcih was lucky it was early on so only left him with 150 chips so then it was just pick him off.

  4. i think your range gets wider the more they shove. Especially latter in game when blinds are higher