Monday, 26 October 2009

Update on The Staking Deal

Hi All, Have played 2 more sets of the $6.50 27 mans since the last post with mixed results.
Set 5 didn't go too well it was my first losing session at the $6.50's i ended up being down $55.58 for the set. I didn't think i played too badly in the set just had variance against me. Losing races at vital times and 3,2 outers hitting against me but thats poker and theirs nothing you can do about it.

As i'm writing this i've just finished set 6 and its my best set yet. Through the 25 games in this set i've made $118.57 profit. Best i've played for a while and i even won some races. All in all very very happy with this set and hope for more of the same in the future.

Totals After 6 Sets :

Buyins - $975
Returns - $1217.97
Prof/Loss - +$242.97

Not the biggest update but not really had much going on rather than playing a few of these.


  1. Was the Photo taken during the time you spent on the Witness Protection Programme Greg ??

    Good Luck with the Blogging .... Don't let'em track you down ;)

  2. Allrite Greg.
    WP so far on the staked games,especially the win the other night.
    Ive linked you up,feel free to do the same if you want.
    I know its been said before.........but WTF are those sunnys about!!!
    Glglglgl fella.
    (smoothplz on RTR)

  3. Cheers Smooth, Linked you up too. Excuse for le Sunnys = Drunkeness been on it all day, went to mi m8s ready to go to town, spotted those little beautys on the shelf. His mums he says (whether i believe him or not is another thing) that being said i think i need a new pic.